750 Words - Day 11

I've made the turn as they say in the golf world.  Today is the 11th day in the 21 day challenge.  I'm here again bright and early having just drank my morning protein shake.  

Last night i didn't eat enough food and it led to me to messing up on my diet.  I ended up eating a salad at like 9:30 but that just led to eating a bunch of pretzels and eventually a bowl of cereal.  What i cannot do at this point is get down on myself or discouraged.  It's too late to throw it all up (i wouldn't do that anyway, nor do i recommend it) so i might as well just move forward. 

I obviously had not eaten enough calories yesterday to make myself feel full.  When eating healthy, it is surprising at how much you are able to eat without getting many calories.  After all, 50 calories in a Twinkie is not the same thing as 50 calories from a lean protein source.  If you are going to use calories to decide what to eat, i'd advise you to choose the food that has the least calories that will fill  you up the most.  Using my above example, a half a can of tuna would be a hell of a lot better for you to eat than a half a twinkie.  Calories are not a very good measure if that is the only thing you are focusing on and using solely to make food decisions.

It's supposed to snow here today.  It was damn near 70 a week ago and today the low is 20!  Whenever there is even a threat of snow in Asheville everybody goes crazy.  There are lines at the gas stations and the grocery stores.  If the road gets covered drivers freak out and move at a snail's pace.  Everybody else stays indoors.  Being from NE Ohio, we're quite used to snow in the winters so it's funny for me to sit back and observe everybody else.

The snow is supposed to come in this afternoon and stick around til about midnight.  I'd love to either get to leave work early today or not have to go in on Friday.  Yeah, i still want snow days.  I'm still a kid at heart.  Or i just don't love what i do enough to want to go no matter what.  My goal is to get there someday.  There are two options.  Change what i do, or change my attitude about what i do.  Neither is easy but both would be very beneficial.

Perhaps a bit of both is in order.  

Anyways, do your snow dances!  I'd love to be back home at 1pm today and get to stay.  Especially all the snow stays and it turns into the beginning of a long weekend.  

Today is also a lifting day.  I plan to do weight training on Mondays and Thursdays, cardio on Saturdays.  Actually, today is the first day of weight training for the rest of my life.  As i mentioned, i am starting over as if i've never picked up a weight before in my life.  I will use light weights and focus on perfect form first.  When i get the perfect form down, i'll practice doing perfects reps each and every time.  The first and last reps should be identical to one another in terms of form.  I will focus on squeezing my muscles and keeping the weight under control at all times.  I lift weights to get stronger, not to tell somebody how much i can bench.  

I have to remind myself that it's a personal journey and i'm the one steering the ship.  Since i don't work out in a gym, i really don't have to worry about impressing other people.  I just walk outside and get it in.  If it snows today i'll need a little extra motivation to go outside in sub-freezing temperatures, but that will also be a test to see how much i want it.  

Mind, body, soul, debt, karma.  If i can take care of just those 5 areas, everything else will take care of itself.  I'm doing pretty good with the mind/body/karma so far but i would like to start meditating.  Perhaps that's my next 21 day challenge.  Unfortunately, i do not really know how i would write about meditating.  Maybe just check in and let you guys know that i completed it for the day, how long i did it, and any thoughts on how the practice went.  Yeah, I  think that'll be my next one.  Om!