Food Journal - Day 6

I woke at 7:55 but i did not get my first meal anywhere near within the first half hour.(like i'm supposed to)  Here's today's consumption:  

12:40 pm - jambalaya leftovers
the ripening, food journal, jambalaya

3:20 pm - 1/2 chicken breast with honey mustard
the ripening, food journal, chicken breasts

6:30 pm - bowl of chili, greek salad
the ripening, food journal, chilithe ripening, food journal, greek salad

9:30 pm - 2 squares 72% dark chocolate
the ripening, food journal, dark chocolate

10:00 pm - candy cane

I drank:
    Water: 72 oz
    Unsweetened tea: 28 oz
    Red wine (blend): 10 oz

Didn't eat upon rising, nor did i drink any water.  Shame on me.  Once i did start eating, though, i kept the engine revved by eating pretty consistently.  

I ate the 6:30 meal at a local restaurant.  Probably should've avoided the feta, but what the hell.  It's possible to eat relatively healthy when dining out.  Beyond the salad and chili choices, i also could've opted for a steak, chicken, or fish dish and still been able to eat without feeling too guilty.

The candy cane was 50 calories, fuck it.