Food Journal - Day 1

I woke up at 6:55 am so i barely met the 30 minute deadline.  Tomorrow i'll make this the first priority instead of hopping in the shower.  Here's what i consumed today:  

7:25 am - two servings hemp protein powder in water
food journal, the Ripening, hemp protein

10:00 am - handful of almonds
the ripening, food journal, almonds
11:05 am - piece of candy
the ripening, food journal, candy

1:30 pm - pork loin chop w/ A1 (only ate half), multivitamin, fish oil capsules
the ripening, food journal, pork loin chop

4:50 pm - Handful of almonds
the ripening, food journal, almonds

7:15 pm - chicken breast w/ turmeric powder, lettuce with cherry tomatoes, onion, and extra virgin olive oil & vinegar dressing
the ripening, food journal, chicken breast, salad

9:45 pm (Before bed) - three capsules ZMA
the ripening, food journal, ZMA

Throughout the day i drank:

Water - 108 oz 
Black coffee - 40 oz
food journal, the ripening, coffee, water

I usually just drink black coffee all day, but today i forced myself to drink a cup of water before i allowed myself to refill each time.  Needless to say, i was in and out of the men's room quite often.  20 ounces in, 20 ounces out it seemed.  My bladder should get used to all the extra water within the next couple of days.