Notes & Quotes: The 12-Hour Walk by Colin O'Brady

The following are my favorite quotes from Colin O'Brady's The 12-Hour Walk: Invest One Day, Conquer Your Mind, and Unlock Your Best Life.

  1. I thought of the Thoreau quote I used to open this chapter: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." It's one my very favorite quotes, a compelling reminder that too many of us are wiling to settle--to give up on our dreams. Too many of us are held back by limiting beliefs, unable to get out of our own heads and commit to living our best lives.
  2. The Walk might sound simple--and in a lot of ways it is--but there's power in simplicity. And, one might say, magic. Without a doubt, the directions are simple to follow:
    1. COMMIT - pick a day on your calendar to complete the 12-Hour Walk by visiting
    2. RECORD - before you set out on your walk, record a short video of yourself to verbalize your intentions. What limiting beliefs do you want to silence? Describe how you hope to feel when you complete the 12-Hour Walk.
    3. UNPLUG - turn your phone on airplane mode before starting your 12-Hour Walk. The 12-Hour Walk is designed to be taken alone, with no external inputs--no companions, no headphones, no podcasts, no music, no email, no texts, no social media--for the entire twelve hours.
    4. WALK - begin your 12-Hour Walk. Just like life, you choose the destination. Remain outside for twelve hours, walking in silence. The setting you're walking in doesn't need to be completely silent, but you do. Maintaining your silence is the key. Ambient city noise is okay.
    5. REST - The 12-Hour Walk isn't a race. Take as many breaks as you need. It doesn't matter if you walk one mile or fifty; as long as you keep moving when you can, you're winning.
    6. REFLECT - record a video as you finish your 12-Hour Walk. Ask yourself: How do you feel? What did you discover? What limiting beliefs did you overcome? What do you now feel capable of with your Possible Mindset?
  3. Moments of victory can be built only on top of moments of struggle.
  4. Too much of life is settling for good not great, with a lot of time spent in the "eh, can't complain" zone.
  5. Discomfort is often the toll that must be paid to achieve fulfillment.
  6. You'll rarely, if ever, be criticized by someone who's living their best life. Chances are, those people will know--and respect--the challenges of your pursuit. More often, criticism comes from those who're disappointed by the outcomes of their own lives and need a target for their frustration and insecurity.
  7. Why do we spend time with people who don't celebrate our accomplishments and support us in our big dreams? What are we holding on to? If you can't share your good news with an old friend and count on getting back a supportive response, then it's time to swap out that old friend for a new one. Step away from friendships that seem to be running on fumes.
  8. Prioritizing self-care is, in fact, selfless.
  9. In life, you can choose to lean toward either scarcity or abundance. Those with a Possible Mindset choose abundance.