Notes & Quotes: The Primal Method by Gregory Koufacos

The following are my favorite quotes from Gregory Koufacos's The Primal Method: A Book for Emerging Men.
  1. The brain has an entire system, the mirror neuron system, that stimulates growth and change. When two people are in regular contact with each other, there is a mirroring effect, meaning they will be influenced by the other person's energy and direction.
  2. Get involved in society. Find the community that breathes fresh life into you. In this way, you will build a life.
  3. We make promises until we feel the weight of those promises.
  4. What's your level of integrity and initiative?
  5. Imagine your life as if it were a series on Netflix. Would you tune in every week to watch it? Would you want binge the whole season? Would anyone else be interested? If the answer is no, then it's a sign that you're stagnating and need to make some major changes. If you yourself would not be interested in watching your own life play out on television, that is a red flag that you are not really engaged with your life. You need to be invested in your story in order to guide it, shape it, and to make it happen.
  6. You know what happens when the same man travels down a different road? Unless he really changes, he just repeats his journey. The road changes, but the road runner remains the same.