Notes & Quotes: Pivot & Go by David Nurse

The following are my favorite notes from David Nurse's Pivot & Go: The 29-Day Blueprint to Redefine and Achieve YOUR Success.

  1. "Someday" doesn't exist on the calendar, and it never will. And if we keep adding everything that we want to do "Someday," none of it will ever happen. It will just continue to pile up. We will look back on it years from now with terrifying regret. "Someday" is an excuse we find a million different times to use.
  2. Your morning and nightly routines sandwich together the meat of the day, which always has the potential to be the best or worst of your life. It all comes down to your perception and perspective.
  3. Routines make us who we are. They shape our entire days; they shape our lives. People who don't make conscious choices about their routines are just welcoming constant anxiety and uncertainty. They allow their days to dominate them from the moment they wake up.
  4. I know the best decision I can make is the next decision I make.
  5. The ONLY treasures that you will, without a doubt, never have taken from you are your own personal life experiences, your own lessons learned, your own faith developed, and your own memories created.
  6. A person's purpose can be wasted pursuing a goal created for them selfishly by someone else. Be aware and wary of other's expectations of you: Do they align with what you want, or are they purely what they want? The same goes for the expectations you place on others: Always make sure your intentions are selfless.
  7. Whether we want to admit it or not, our choices and our actions are shaped by our environments and the people we surround ourselves with.
  8. Set up your environment the way you want your best day to be set up.
  9. We are not in control, no matter how much we try or believe we can be. The desire to feel in control is one of extreme discontent and uneasiness. Understanding there is something bigger that has control over you, your circumstances, and your life plan can be the most freeing realization you will ever have.
  10. If you are passionate about something, then balance is BS!
  11. No one talks about 80/20 when they are striving to be the best version of themselves, no one says "Everything in moderation" when they are immersed in their purpose in life. No one uses the idea of balance to introduce better things into their lives--they use it to justify keeping the things in their lives that are hurting them, their goals, and their futures.
  12. YOUR GOALS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE JOYOUS! If you don't like your diet, your family, or your job enough to be ALL IN, figure out what you have to do to change the dynamic.
  13. Life isn't about what we achieve, it isn't about the end goal we are shooting for, it's about the journey and the process of getting there. And if we don't enjoy it along the way, we've missed the entire point.
  14. People don't always buy into what you are saying; sometimes, they just buy into how you are saying it. And people never care about what you have to say until they know how much you care about them.
  15. Arrogance is thinking you are better than others; confidence is believing in yourself to empower others.
  16. Be confident in who you are, but as a servant to others. Pour into others and their needs, and in doing so, you will be filled.
  17. I made a choice to take back control of my life. I decided I would much rather be great than watch others be great.
  18. That's the mindset pivot--when you are able to fully pour into and lose yourself in the genuine care of others, that is when you find out what you truly are. Lose yourself to find yourself.
  19. If you treat each day like a twenty-four-hour pie that you get to fill, you realize that you have more than enough time to live the way you want--every day.
  20. Take control of your time by taking control of your options, and you'll build better, more productive, more joyful days.
  21. Pivot from being comfortable and just surviving day-to-day to embracing the uncomfortable and thriving every day.
  22. No one is bigger than the situations they find themselves in. If you don't embrace your circumstances with everything you've got, you will never reach the next step towards where you want to be.
  23. The best gift you can ever give someone is speaking the life of encouragement into their passion.
  24. Worry less about what others are giving you, and concern yourself with speaking life into others. When you empower people and help them grow their dreams, you will gain more than you can even imagine. Speak life into others, and life will be spoken unto you.
  25. If you achieve your goals very quickly right away, that means one of two things. 1. You didn't set your goals high enough and you should reevaluate, or 2. You probably aren't as prepared for the situation as you should be and it will flame out faster than you would like.
  26. Pour into others and you will be filled.
  27. Some don't make it, but many do. And if they do, it's all thanks to the people who put others far before themselves, people who understand the servant attitude of character over comfort. There aren't any newspaper articles written about these people, no monetary bonuses, no awards or even pats on the back from a superior. It's a mission, it's a lifestyle, it's the epitome of losing one's self to help others.
  28. If there is one thing in life that can steal your joy, it's entitlement.
  29. Victory goes to the vulnerable.
  30. The true definition of legacy is living for the purpose we were created for and, in doing so, having a positive impact on one person. Yeah, that's right--just one.
  31. On the days when you slip into "have-tos," straighten up and remind yourself that you chose to be where you are, and that your choice to pursue your passion was the right decision.
  32. Everything we do daily is a preparation for an opportunity to come.
  33. TRUE success isn't tied to anything to anything the world has to offer. It's knowing that we are living the life we were created to live. It's living each day with purpose, a sense of comfort that we know we are currently in this exact spot in life for a much bigger reason. Success is not about making a ton of money, being called an "influencer," or having any fleeting worldly possessions. It is ultimately loving your everyday life.
  34. TRUE failure is not a loss; it's a lesson. Failure is not a step back; it is an opportunity to learn. Failure is only negative if you get stuck in that rut. But if you look at failure as a gift to pivot to something so much better than your current situation, failure is a pathway to success.