Journal Entry: April 2nd, 2016 - Personal Development

Chip away in small pieces.  For it's the repeated tapping of the sculptor's hammer that eventually brings out the beauty.  I can think of each of these areas as 6 huge pieces of stone. (mind,body, assets, relationships, karma, soul)  Each day is another opportunity to take a small tap.  You would never see a sculptor taking huge strikes with his chisel -- the whole thing would crumble.

Minimally, make the smallest amount of progress possible in each category on a daily basis.

Mind.  This could include writing, reading, watching educational documentaries, taking classes, learning, teaching, etc.

Body can include yoga, stretching, lifting weights, running, cardio, playing sports, walking the dog, and even doing meal preparation.  Diet is 90% of the problem/solution.

Assets are things that have the potential to earn money.  This includes typical employment but also things like investing and finding other random ways to make money.

Relationships are about the other people in my life that are important.  My fiance and our dog.  My family.  My friends.  My coworkers.  Other people i interact with regularly.  I need to make sure that i'm paying attention to this area and trying to create as much value for these people as possible.  Life is about giving.  It's about other people.  Nobody exists on their own.

Karma is how ago about my day to day life.  It's about seeking opportunities to help people.  Does the driver in the car behind me look like he's in a hurry?  Move over and let him pass.  See somebody with a handful of boxes walking toward a door?  Go out of my way to open the door.  Trash can half full?  Leave it for another week so the garbage man doesn't have to stop at my house.  

Soul.  Soul is the arguably the most important.  Although the system works better as a whole.  Anyways, soul is about discovering the essence of my being.  It's about getting back to who i was meant to be before i grew up and forgot.  Soul is meditation.  Soul is not getting angry when somebody cuts me off in the highway.  Soul is the ability to take a step back and see myself from a third-person point of view.  Soul is understanding the vastness of the universe and how unimportant i really am.  Soul is being comfortable knowing that fact but still being the best person possible despite it.