Journal Entry: April 8th, 2016 - Misc Rant

Don't get angry at the people you don't want to be like.  I don't look up to evil, greedy fucks.  I trust that karma will take care of them.  

Karma and faith.  Real or just a way to subdue the masses?

I wish that somebody smarter than me could explain that.  I want to believe that karma exists and that evil people will be punished, but if i'm being fleeced i'm going to be pissed.  There's not much of a worse feeling than being betrayed by somebody that you trusted.

I tend to assume that people are hard-wired to act with the Golden Rule in mind, but there's too much shit that i see going on around me that tells me otherwise.  Suicide bombers, for example.  Sociopaths.  People who do more harm than good.  People who are more interested in personal gain.  These people are lost.  I can help them get back on track but don't prefer to be used and abused in the process.  

And my life is easy compared to many, many, many people.  If i had to guess, i'd probably be in the top 97% of all humans on the planet in terms of "comfort."

I'm a white, straight male in America.  I have a Bachelor's degree.  I don't have any visible tattoos.  

I'm where it's at in terms of opportunity.  

However, it's not okay.  I choose not to take that advantage.  I prefer an even playing field.  Equal opportunity.  

If there MUST be winners and losers, i'd rather flip the script.  Make the 99% well off and the 1% struggling for survival.  The exact opposite of where we're at now.  At current, there are like 50 people in the world who own the same amount of wealth as the bottom half.  This is downright disturbing.  How can so few hoard so much?  And why are these people idolized?  We should be knocking down their walls and demanding our fair share.

Nature is based on balance.  

I wonder how animals would act if one in their tribe was hoarding everything.  Would they revolt?  Would six others gang up on the one and take him down?

That'd be an interesting experiment.  however, i do not condone the use of animals in experiments.  they are not here for our gain. 

Abrupt ending, but that's what i got for today.