Journal Entry: April 27th, 2016 - On Being

Tim Ferriss said in a podcast that i listened to today (link here) that instead of trying to find our "true calling" we instead have to let it find us.  

We don't take the time to pause and reflect.  We don't meditate.  We don't let the stillness and quiet come.  This is when breakthroughs happen.  Opportunities to become our true selves are all around us.  We simply aren't aware.  We're not looking for the opportunities.  

We're so caught up with the day to day bullshit that we don't give ourselves the freedom that we desire. 

Freedom...from thoughts.  From to-do lists.  We have to allow ourselves to just stop and be.  

Stop trying to force things to happen.  Stop trying so hard to find it.  

Let it come to me.  Be open.  Be aware.  Look for opportunities.  Don't be passive.  Be active.  Be in the moment.  

Move away from instant gratification and be willing to put in the work required.  

Nothing is given and nobody owes me anything.  I have to make it for myself.  

I have to deserve it, as well.  I know i often focus on the people who seemingly have it all and didn't earn it.  No names need to be named.  But i have to refocus that energy on positive thoughts.  I can choose my thoughts.  Are the majority positive or negative?  

What do i talk about?  Am I optimistic and happy or pessimistic and negative?  

We are what we think about.  More like, we are what we think about and are able to follow through with.  Thoughts are things.  And things are real.  

Continuous improvement.  Kaizen.  Implement Kaizen in my own life.  Find those blockages in my personal life and take measures to improve upon them.  

I know that i'm not like an assembly line, but the underlying theme of Kaizen still stands.  Find the problems, fix them.  Improve improve improve.  

Work toward something higher than myself.  Fuck me.  Fuck my ego.  Why can't i detach and live for the sake of existing as opposed to trying to fulfill my own wants and needs?  

I think like a Democrat but act like a Republican.

I'm not Jesus-like.  That dude had it right.  He was willing to give his life for other people.  
Jesus was able to rid himself of his ego.  There's nothing more egoless than dying for the sins of other people.  Well, I guess he was killed because he was a religious extremist.  Everybody was a Jew and he was preaching this other shit.  The Jews were like, "Nah, Son!" tracked him down and stuck him on a cross.

Apparently nailing people to crosses was sort of common thing back in the day.  We were some barbarians.  Hard as fuck.  

We're soft now.  But soft for the better.  We're able to understand the oneness and how cooperation is better than competition.  A rising tide raises all ships.  We must work together to raise the tide.  Everybody must do their part. 

Lose the ego.  Be Jesus-like.