Journal Entry: March 23rd, 2016 - Sarifice

I have a story to tell.  We all do.  Since we're shaped by our experiences, no two of us are exactly alike.  Even identical twins aren't the same.  We have to appreciate each other's differences instead of breaking each other down by them.

Come from a place of love instead of a place of fear.  Fear breeds hate.  

We have nothing to fear.  Especially when it comes to other people.  

Everybody is just a different degree of broken.  

Heal one another.

This concept isn't very difficult.  It starts with my actions.  I have to lead by example.  If I'm coming from a place of love then it will be apparent to those around me. 

My actions must reflect love.  I get on Facebook and scroll through my newsfeed and see a bunch of hate.  I want to fight back.  Instead, i can't let it get my worked up.  If that person is interested in a genuine conversation then I'll entertain that.  However, most aren't.  I'm not going to change their minds by arguing facts and opinions.

The best way is to show people how living the way that i do is simply a better way to live.  
How are my actions being interpreted?  Am I coming from a place of patience, love, and acceptance?

If i'm not then it's everybody's best interest that i change my ways.  

The highest good or the ego?  The highest good is the obvious answer.  But ego tries to dominate.  It's in our nature to want to take care of ourselves.  To be selfish.  However, we have to have the wisdom to realize our insufficiency and be willing to sacrifice.  

Good parents understand this.  They sacrifice for their children.  They understand what it means to live for something/somebody other than yourself.

We must take this feeling of responsibility and extend it to everyone -- not just our children.  Everybody deserves this treatment.  

One day, I will be old and weak.  I may have to rely on the kindness of others.  Therefore, i must pay it forward.  

Nobody can make it on their own.  Receive thankfully, don't take greedily.  

Realize that we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for other people.  I'm typing on a computer that somebody else made on a website that somebody else made.  Somebody had to drive the computer to the store in order for me to purchase it.  At the store, somebody sold it to me.  

I can't create a fuckin' computer, or perform surgery, or fix my car.  I need other people to do that.  Other people allow me to have the quality of life that i enjoy.

What am i doing to improve the quality of life of others?    

That's the most important thing.  Only by taking care of others can i fulfill myself.  Without others i am not whole.  I wouldn't want to live on this planet alone.  It's everything else that makes it special.  Appreciate those things.  

Come from a place of love, not from a place of fear.  

Be the change.  It starts with me.  If my outer world is turmoil it's most likely a reflection of my inner self.  The Dalai Lama doesn't get bogged down with the details of whether or not the world is ruled by a limited number of elites.

That simply doesn't worry him. 

What you focus on is your reality.  Are you focusing on abundance or scarcity?  Competition or cooperation?  Fear or love?

It's a choice.

We just have to train ourselves to recognize that fact.  Once we ingrain it in our memories it becomes second nature and no longer takes up so much mental capacity.  But we have to be willing.  

Willing to improve ourselves first.  When we focus on personal development, the external shit isn't as important anymore.