Notes & Quotes: Morning Routine Mastery by Simon Wright

The following are my favorite quotes from Simon Wright's Morning Routine Mastery:
  1. You must dedicate your morning time to bettering yourself and reaching your goals.
  2. No matter how busy you are, find the time to exercise and prioritize your health first.  If your body breaks down, everything else will follow.
  3. What keeps you from maximizing your mornings?
  4. Even if you went to bed at two in the morning, you still need to wake up at around [your designated waking time] or at most 30 minutes later than your waking time goal.
  5. The less self-disciplined a person is, the more likely he or she is to become a technology zombie.
  6. Preparation is the key to success.  When beginning your new morning routine, you must assemble all of your weapons the night before.
  7. When we visualize, we increase our motivation and self-confidence in performing an anticipated task because the brain has already developed a pattern on how to go about it.
  8. Making your bed requires you to follow a process, the result of which is highly observable.  Therefore, whenever you make your bed, you get a feeling of accomplishment and sense of pride.  You carry on these feelings throughout the rest of your day, and they may even spur your desire to fulfill even more accomplishments!
  9. Have a banana around 30 minutes before your workout and shortly after as well to help your muscles recover.
  10. Lemon water is the healthiest and safest detoxifying drink there is.
  11. You can drink warm lemon water after your workout, because it is enough to replenish electrolytes after a moderate to intense exercise session.
  12. Successful people always find time to do some self-reflection and meditation at the break of dawn, which is why they can make the choices that lead them to become self-accomplished.
  13. There are two simple yet highly rewarding habits you can add to your morning routine, and they are deep reflection and journaling.
    • Deep reflection.  The calming act of deep reflection involves putting your focus on a single thing, be it your inner voice or your surroundings.  Deep reflection can also be in the form of a prayer to your guru or God.
    • Journaling.  One way to get your creative juices flowing is to free-write.  You can do it in the form of sketches, doodles, monologues through writing, lists, diagrams, or however you like to express yourself.  A journal is not just a "dear diary" kind of thing; it is a book that holds your passion, your goals, and your creative work.  Let journaling be a part of your morning and you will be amazed by the number of ideas you can come up with.
  14. It does not matter how long your session is.  The important part is that you do it every day.
  15. Breakfast is an essential part of any morning routine because it is an opportunity for you to nourish and energize your body for the day ahead.
  16. Track your progress.  Be as consistent as you can with your routine, and make adjustments whenever you feel the need to do so.  The important thing is that you continue to develop healthy morning habits that will make you happier, healthier, and more productive every day!