Introspective Journaling - Day 5: Where do I see myself in 10 years?

i make the assumption even though we ought to remember that this life isn't promised.  i can't promise that i'll be here tomorrow, let alone a decade from now.  I don't say that to be morbid, just realistic.  

with that said, in 10 years i would like to think that i'm happily married with a child or two.  my dog will be old but he'll still be around.  

i plan to be living in the same house that my fiance and i own now.  it will look much nicer because we'll have had 10 years to make upgrades and renovations.  Unless i come into some of that real paper and can move to a lakefront home.  I'd love to look out my back window in the vastness of Lake Erie.  A private beach for summertime bonfires would be ideal.  

i will have gained 10 years of knowledge and experience so i fully intend to be a much "better" person than i am today.  I don't plan to stop writing, so just think of how much material i'll have created.

i will be more physically fit than i am today and my body will more closely resemble my 17 year old self even though i will be 40. 

i will have gotten myself out of consumer debt. hopefully this happens way sooner than 10 years from now, though.

I'll have a new car, but only because the '02 Ford Focus isn't going to make it that long.  it'll probably be a 4wd crossover or a pickup truck.

i will be a role model for my children, and well-known in my community for my unselfishness and giving spirit.