Introspective Journaling - Day 2: What would be the most beneficial tasks for my highest self?

What would be the most beneficial tasks for my highest self?

Loosely, highest self can be defined as the best self, the most perfect representation of my being.

I will break these down along the lines of MBARKS. (Mind, body, assets, relationships, karma, soul)

These are the 6 areas of my life that i've deemed most important to my highest self.

For mind, the best things i can do is to continually acquire knowledge while keeping a beginner's mind.  Knowledge acquisition includes, but is not limited to, reading, writing, and watching documentaries.  Hands-on learning is also included here but i haven't given much focus to this aspect.

For body, it's diet and exercise.  In regard to diet, the most beneficial thing i can do is to prep meals ahead of time.  For exercise, i've begun incorporating pullups and pushups during my breaks at work.  

For assets, it's about conscious spending and earned income.  I'm not doing very well on either of these fronts.  I've acquired $15k in consumer debt and my earnings are the lowest they've been in years.  

For relationships, it's about cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships with those around me.  I have a good group of core friends and i feel like i'm doing pretty well in this area.  There's room to improve, though, and i can definitely do a better job of getting out and hanging with people.

For karma, it's about doing the right thing and actively seeking ways to be of assistance.  I'm pretty good here, too.  I look for ways to help.  For example, if i see somebody carrying heavy boxes toward a door, i'm going to do everything i can to get to that door first so that i can hold it open.

For soul, it's about maintaining present moment awareness and meditation.  I'm getting better regarding present-moment awareness but the meditation thing still hasn't stuck.

As usual, i know what i should be doing but actually doing it is another story.  Fodder for a future post?