Morning Routine: Diet/Exercise - Days 4 thru 7

Here's how the last four days of the diet/exercise challenge have gone:

Day 4 - Strength training.  All exercises were performed for 2 sets and 10 reps.  Planks were 30 seconds (to failure) and chin-ups were to failure.
    Single-leg romanian deadlift - 15 lbs 

    Chin ups (4-sec negatives) - bodyweight
    Hamstring curls - 25 lbs
    Plank - bodyweight
    Good mornings - 45 lbs

Day 5 - Mobilility.  I focused on the sore spots from training the day prior.  Just rolled around on the lacrosse ball.

Day 6 - Cardio.  The weather was nice for the first time all year.  Perfect time for an outdoor run.  Probably only ran a mile but it was enough. (more than enough)

Day 7 - Meal prep.  Made this meatloaf that was dinner, lunch the following day, and dinner again that night.  I change it up so i don't get bored.  It was meatloaf and potatoes for dinner/lunch and i mixed the leftover meatloaf with some rice for the next dinner.
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My shins are in tons of pain from running and i threw my back out standing up too quickly.  That type of shit happens when we try to do too much too soon.  Now i'll be forced to miss at least one workout.  I should've been smarter.   

Aging is difficult.