Morning Routine: Diet/Exercise - Conclusion

The diet and exercise portion of the morning routine was an important one.  I find that exercise, particularly, is a habit that begins a windfall of other healthy activities.  Charles Duhigg, in his book The Power of Habit, describes these types of habits as keystone habits.

I naturally begin to focus on what i'm putting into my body.  I get better sleep.  I simply live a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to the morning strength training sessions twice a week, i also used my 15 minute breaks at work to go to the company gym and do pullups and situps.  Over the 21 days, i did 238 pullups -- probably more pullups than i've done in the past 3+ years combined.

In regard to overall health and wellness though, diet is the most important aspect.  This is why meal prep is so important.  I don't have the desire to come home after work and begin a meal from scratch.  Cooking large batches twice per week and creatively using leftovers has been very helpful.  So has keeping hard-boiled eggs around.  I like to eat them plain, with a touch of salt, or blended into an egg salad.  

Although, i've only lost 5 pounds in the last three weeks, this is just the beginning.  Scale weight isn't the best statistic to measure, anyways.  I should've used a tape measure or at least taken photos.  I don't necessarily need the motivation though.  This is something that is going to stick with me for the long haul.  No excuses.