Morning Routine: Create - Days 5 thru 8

Here's the roundup from the past four days:

Day 5 - wrote a bit on the topic of creating:

To create is to bring something into existence. To me, this is powerful. Without my own intervention and effort, it never would've come to fruition. It's also something that nobody else could have created. Each person puts their own individuality into a project.

As we see in those group painting classes where everybody paints the "same" picture -- how often does yours look like your neighbors? Never in the history of that class have two people produced identical paintings. It would be impossible. Therefore, a creation is a personal, one-of-a-kind contribution that nobody else in the world could have brought forth. Creating is a useful and worthwhile endeavor. I shall continue to create.

Creation is a mindset. All entrepreneurs are creators. Everything around us is a creation. Creations are also not limited to physical things. Systems are created, theories, philosophies, mathematics -- these are creations too.

Creations shape us. We are creations. Creations capable of creating.

Day 6 - can't get into details here but i created a piece of jewelry.

Day 7 - i prepped a meatloaf and tossed it in the slow cooker for dinner.  i forgot to take a picture..

Day 8 - this blog post!

Nothing like getting those creative juices flowing early in the am!