Morning Routine: Create - Days 13 thru 18

Day 13 - Journaled.  Here's a slice: 
"I thought about stopping [writing the full 750Words today] and saying "fuck it" but i figured it would be worthwhile just to grind it out.
if i stick to it on simple things like this maybe i will be able to stick it out through tougher trials and tribulations in my life.  i have a lot of vices and i'm quick to slip and say fuck it when it comes to things that are really important or difficult.  it's easier and more rewarding in the short term to just quit and do something that offers a reward in the here and now.
However, that's not the path.  I know in my heart that the life worth living is the one that is lived purposefully. Getting caught up trying to constantly please myself in the moment doesn't allow me to sow the seeds needed for future success.  it's all coming together.  slower than i'd hoped but faster than i could've expected. just got to be real sometimes."

Day 14 - I spent 30 minutes cleaning up my man cave.  i feel so much calmer in a tidy space.

Day 15 - Since i've been skipping breakfast, i used the 30 minutes to cook scrambled eggs and pack a lunch.  I forgot the lunch in the fridge at home...

Day 16 - Journaled.  An excerpt:
"I wish i had a focus. Perhaps my focus is just living my best and most authentic life. That doesn't excite me for some reason.
I honestly don't know what would get me out of bed excited each morning. I used to be excited to go fishing and hunting. I could rarely fall asleep the night before and i'd excitedly hop outta bed in the morning. That's what i'm looking for each and every day. That feeling of being so excited that i can't wait to start the day."

Day 17 - I prepped dinner.  Stew in the crock pot.  Forgot to take a picture..

Day 18 - This post!