Morning Routine: Create - Conclusion

Using my brain in a creative way early in the morning jumpstarts my alertness and gets me ready to tackle the day.  

Over the 21 days i've used the time to journal, cook, clean, blog, write, shovel, and more.  I can promise that a majority of these things wouldn't have gotten accomplished without this challenge and the 30 minutes of dedicated time each morning.

I look forward to creating in the garden this spring.  That's how i plan to use the majority of my morning creative time this spring and summer.  Being outside in the wet grass under the warm sun.  Can't wait!

The only drawback to this point is that the thought of "creating" still isn't exciting enough to get me out of bed.  I'm looking for that "one thing" that has me out of bed before my alarm, full of anticipation for the new day.

The next part of the routine will be Diet/Exercise.  In addition to waking up early and creating, i will either prep food, strength train, work on mobility, or do cardio.  Starts soon, follow along!