Notes & Quotes: How to Make Millions with Your Ideas by Dan Kennedy

Here are my favorite quotes from Dan Kennedy's How to Make Millions with Your Ideas.  Although i enjoy all of these, i've bolded my favorites.
  1. Don't worry about impressing people, just get busy inspiring them.
  2. You can take just about any ordinary business, do its core business and serve and satisfy customers just a little bit better than the norm, add clever, extra profit centers to the core business, and manage the money very intelligently -- and that business will make you rich.
  3. Wealth is most often linked to exclusive ownership or control of a particular concept, product, or service.
  4. Do everything possible to minimize circumstances beyond your control.
  5. All around you, in every imaginable form, people are profiting by selling what they know or how to do.
  6. "Price objections are value problems." Larry Harmon
  7. "Use the sales techniques used by drug peddlers: give away lots of free samples until the customer is hooked." Burton Morgan
  8. There are four ways to gain ownership or exclusive control of a product: create, publish, secure certain exclusive rights, or have it private labeled for you.
  9. The fastest way to lose a million dollars is to be an inventor.
  10. Create it only if you know how you will market it that you can market it.
  11. There are enough actual obstacles to overcome without manufacturing more of them in your own imagination.
  12. The only way to know for sure how any individual or group of people will respond is to make your best possible argument, under the best possible circumstances.
  13. Most highly promotable products, services, or businesses have at least one of three ingredients: 1. they solve an almost universal need and problem 2. they provide a much better way to perform a common task or do a common, necessary job 3. they have an enormous emotional or impulse appeal that transcends logic and basic needs.
  14. Nothing you can do in a sales script can match the power of a shared passion.
  15. If you ain't the lead dog, the view never changes.
  16. If you can't be first in a category, set up a new category that you can have first in.
  17. Often, success is just one or two minor adjustments away.
  18. "In life, you don't get what you deserve -- you get what you negotiate for." Chester Karrass
  19. Consumers relate and band better with individuals than with corporate entities.
  20. Every time a new media has emerged, the marketers who figured out how to make it work first enjoyed tremendous, once-in-a-lifetime, windfall profits.
  21. If you don't seriously offend at least one person a day, you're not doing or saying much.
  22. The 5 P's of publicity: be predictive, be proactive, be public, be a personality, be persistent.
  23. "I'm absolutely sure that you can never make as much money running a business as you can selling a business." T Harv Eker
  24. 6 steps followed by those who get top dollar: (for selling a business)
    1. Do not need to sell.
    2. Demonstrate tremendous potential.
    3. Attract suitors, don't seek them.
    4. Be patient.
    5. Ignore conventional evaluations of what your company is worth
    6. Start by asking for a lot more than you want.