Notes and Quotes: Plunge by Fritz Damler and Mari Anderson

Here are my favorite quotes from Fritz Damler and Mari Anderson's Plunge: Crafting the Uncommon Midlife.  
  1. ...a life where success was measured not by profit and loss statements but by the richness and variety of experience.
  2. When you point yourself in a certain direction, that is the direction you move.
  3. I couldn't imagine how it would feel to wake up in the morning and not have to be somewhere, doing something, for someone.
  4. Think Twice, Act Once.
  5. What we all shared was a willingness to allow curiosity and conscious choice to evolve our lives into explorations of new territory without prescribed boundaries.
  6. The most successful relationships had found fluid balance.  Depending on the situation either partner could step forward, back or to the side with agility, and without ego.
  7. Sleep was deep that night; dreams had already come true.
  8. Coating eggs with Vaseline actually works.
  9. Even in 1492, it seems the bullies who bloodied the most noses, or in this case, decimated the largest population, got the buzz, the spoils and eventually, the signature holidays and annoying limericks.
  10. That’ll teach the Chinese to glide quietly through unknown territory with a “do no harm” mandate.  Maybe if they had skewered more Lucayan Indians, demanded gold and conversion to Buddhism, the U.S. would celebrate Zhou Wen Day the second Monday of each October.
  11. Boukee represents all that Bahamians find distasteful: foolishness, greed, dishonesty.  Charming Rabby is the archetypal hero-trickster: quick and cunning, an expert at cleverly turning the tables to his advantage and perfectly happy to write his own rules.
  12. We don’t always want, or have the opportunity to change the world around us, working instead with our inner landscape to alter perception, attitude, perspective.  But there are times when changing the world around us changes the world within, revealing paths that were not before visible.
If you enjoyed the quotes, buy a copy of the book and give it a read!