Notes and Quotes: The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received by Liz Claman

The following are my favorite quotes from Liz Claman's The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received: Priceless Wisdom from Warren Buffett, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, Steve Forbes, and Dozens of Other Top Financial Experts.  I've bolded my favorites.  Share yours in the comments.
  1. Time and compound interest are magic.  - Paul O'Neill
  2. There is a big difference between investing and speculating. - Paul O'Neill
  3. You only buy stock with money you can afford to lose.
  4. Look at stock as being part of a business versus something that has a lot of flash about it or something that your broker or neighbor simply tells you about. - Warren Buffet
  5. Look into the company reports and filings the SEC requires every publicly traded company to provide investors.  Ask yourself whether this business is straightforward and understandable.  Does it have cash flow?  What are its long term prospects?  Are its earnings reports relatively consistent?  Does it have a solid, consistent operating history?  High profit margins?  These are all important sign posts. - Warren Buffet
  6. Buffet believes investors should turn a deaf ear to the day to day gyrations of the stock market.  Good quality companies can withstand these gyrations.
  7. Time is a friend of the wonderful business, the enemy of the mediocre. - Warren Buffett
  8. Three characteristics successful companies seem to share.  Invest in companies that:
    1. are in good markets
    2. have a great culture, great people, and great values
    3. are constantly reinventing themselves. - Stanley M Bergman
  9. Save.  Save a lot and save often. - Richard Bernstein
  10. Savings and consumption are mutually exclusive.  You simply can't do both. - Richard Bernstein
  11. Debt is an insidious detractor from building wealth. - Richard Bernstein
  12. If you live for today, you have less for tomorrow. - Richard Bernstein
  13. The key is to look for companies with a high return on equity and a low PE ratio. - Scott Black
  14. Attempting to time the market is a mistake. - Scott Black
  15. You should have most of your money in equities, especially when you are younger, because this enables you to participate in the growth of the U.S. economy. - Scott Black
  16. There is room to be a successful investor, merely by understanding three simple concepts:
    1. how to reduce stock risk
    2. what drives stock prices
    3. how to optimize investment returns. - John Bogle
  17. You can accumulate wealth not through salaries but by acquiring equity. - Burt Upjohn
  18. 7 common principles of value leadership:
    1. value human relationships
    2. foster teamwork
    3. experiment frugally
    4. fulfill your commitments
    5. fight complacency
    6. win through multiple means
    7. give to your community. - Peter S Cohen
  19. Pay attention to the organization's leaders, track record, and core values, and then ask the question, "Do I trust him?" - Art Collins
  20. Diversify your portfolio and minimize taxes and trading costs.  Know your investment goals and choose your assets to achieve your goals.  Invest regularly and avoid timing the market. - John Core
  21. Save as much as you can and your investments will do better.  Do not pick stocks unless you are following stocks regularly.  Resist temptation to sell stocks short. - John Core
  22. Taking risks is key to a successful investment strategy, but you have to take prudent risks. - David Darst
  23. All the investment greats go in with baby steps and with flexibility. - David Darst
  24. Investing is part science and part art.  The science is the discipline and the art is the judgment. - Bob Doll
  25. In investing, you should diversify -- don't try to hit homeruns. - Steve Forbes
  26. The bottom line is if it feels good, don't, and, if it feels bad, do it. - Steve Forbes
  27. Save the pennies and the dollars will save themselves. - Debby Fowles
  28. People tend to buy the most expensive home, car, clothes, and the latest tech gadgets, but this is all money that could've been invested.  You need to make a conscious decision regarding what really matters the most. - Debbie Fowles
  29. They don't understand the fundamental relation between a profitable company and a company with great service.  Most investors don't look at this correlation even though it is the leading indicator of a profitable company. - James Walton, son of Sam Walton
  30. This is a process, not a lottery ticket, and you have to be in it for the long run. - Dr Bob Froehlich
  31. The portfolio theory of investing makes much more sense for the average investor. - Jim Hackett
  32. While risk is direction related to reward in our world, risk needs to be prudently managed. - Jim Hackett
  33. You can never have a perfect game because you can't control the referees or the weather.  But, you can have a perfect practice. - Vince Lombardi
  34. The single most important determinant in your investment strategy is to develop a thorough understanding of your individual risk profile and your long term requirements and goals. - Susan Ivey
  35. When it comes to investing, boring is a very rewarding thing to be. - Mike Jackson
  36. Cash flow needs to line up with profits.  The stock price should relate to performance.  And the company should be poised for continued success by leveraging whatever advantages they have over the competition. - Mike Jackson
  37. Pride, impatience, ignorance, shortsightedness, and farsightedness can all lead to bad investment decisions. - Doug Kass
  38. To win over the long run, you need to grind it out. - Doug Kass
  39. The more certain the crowd is, the more certain it is to be wrong.  After all, if everyone were right, there would be no reward. - Doug Kass
  40. Four green houses turn into one red hotel. - Robert Kiyosaki
  41. Everyone who wants to be a successful investor needs a plan, then needs to follow their plan. - Robert Kiyosaki
  42. By holding on to your investments, you are making a bet on the long-run health of the American economy and our free market capitalist system. - Lawrence Kudlow
  43. Look for companies that are pretty easy to understand and that focus on long-term growth and leadership. - A G Lafley
  44. Don't get into credit card debt.  If you do, you are giving up the opportunity to invest your own money because you owe money. - Alexandra Lebenthal
  45. Once you have educated yourself, diversity in a portfolio is the most important thing.  You should never have all your eggs in one basket. - Alexandra Lebenthal
  46. Bonds are the stable part of your portfolio, they are what you can depend on, the thing you can plan on.
  47. Start investing as early as you can and invest for your life cycle. - Joe Lee
  48. When you look at a company you should ask, "Does this company have good leadership?  Does this company provide a product or service that is greatly desired or needed by the people?  Do they have a long-term market?" - Joe Lee
  49. Cash is not trash.  If you don't have cash available, you can't take advantage of opportunities.  Cash is a very valuable offensive weapon. - Steve Leuthold
  50. Don't invest in anything you don't understand. - Peter Lynch
  51. Invest and save, even in small amounts, but with every paycheck. - Edward Ludwig
  52. Follow the path of your own experience.  Your years of experience coupled with your instincts are the best guide for your business and personal investment decisions.  Follow them. - Terry Lundgren
  53. I am not in favor of buying single stocks because I think it is impossible to have enough information to do it successfully. - Howard Lutnick
  54. Don't look at stocks like marriage.  When you buy a stock, you are just supposed to date it, sell it when its up, and whatever you do, don't marry it. - Howard Lutnick
  55. I encourage everyone to diversify your portfolio, invite annual reviews by a professional advisor, and make important adjustments as your age, time horizon, and risk tolerance change. - Mackey J Mcdonald
  56. You can generally lose more money in a matter of minutes than you can make in a matter of years. - Roger McNamee
  57. Invest with competent, successful management, that's the key.  It's the same in all business -- it's the management! - Alan B Miller
  58. To be a successful investor, you need to have a thorough understanding, both intellectually and emotionally, of what your risk tolerance is. - Joe Moglin
  59. There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to your own money.  You have to take ownership of your finances! - Georgette Mosbacher
  60. Investments should be broken into 3 specific and well defined buckets:
    1. money that will be absolutely safe no matter what happens in the world. (treasuries, agencies, and triple-A insureds)  This should be your largest bucket.
    2. equities of world class companies.  There must be a long-term commitment to this bucket and it should be reviewed on a regular basis. (30 - 40% of holdings)
    3. "Go for the gusto" pot.  Junk bonds, high risk stocks, and from time to time a trip to Vegas.   Be emotionally prepared to lose everything in this bucket. < 10% of holdings, preferably 5. - Angelo Mozilo
  61. The only way to analyze a company and judge the quality of management is to look at what management is doing as portrayed in the financial statements rather that what they are saying. - Angelo Mozilo
  62. Never row out farther than you can swim back. - Swedish saying
  63. Paying the wrong price for a good company is the equivalent of buying a bad company. - Robert A Olstein
  64. The desire to be right all of the time is a roadblock to being right over time. - Robert A Olstein
  65. It's better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing. - Suze Orman
  66. Fear, shame, and anger are the three internal obstacles to wealth. - Suze Orman
  67. Generally, it is going against the grain that will better enable you to find investment success. - Wilbur Ross
  68. When you invest, make sure you know what you're investing in.  Move toward opportunities you have an affinity and passion for.  It will be a winning combination. - Ronald L Sargent
  69. People will always pay for brands. - Irwin Simon
  70. We continue to believe that staying focused on the key investment principles of diversification, buying quality investments, and maintaining a long-term perspective is the best way for investors to reach their long-term goals. - Alan Skrainke
  71. People should stop chasing performance and just put together a sensible portfolio regardless of the ups and downs of the market. - David Swensen
  72. You will get plenty of exposure to international markets by investing in the S&P 500 index funds or broad-based equity funds, since many of these companies do business globally. - Don Washkewicz
  73. By hiring an advisor or financial planner, you aren't giving up your responsibility to understand what they are telling you and what they are advising you to do... - Robert Weissenstein
  74. You should not take advice at face value from a single person. - Robert Weissenstein
  75. The more that people try to hit home runs, the less likely they are to get on base. - Robert Weissenstein
  76. There are three things I always look at to improve my odds as an investor: business model, earnings potential, and management. - Miles White
  77. The reason for holding a stock is that you believe in the future of the company.  If you don't believe this, you should sell. - Stephen P Zeldes
  78. If you aren't a high-level executive who is forced to hold company stock, it is generally better to avoid doing so. - Stephen P Zeldes
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