100 Pushups & Lunges - Days 19 - 21 & Conclusion

Sorry for the delay but I've been moving into a new home over the Memorial Day weekend and haven't had the time to blog or workout.  On the bright side, the move gave me plenty of opportunities to burn calories.

I did NOT do pushups and lunges on Days 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday) because I was full-throttle on the moving aspect.

Here are my sets and reps from the 19th day:

10:05 - 1 set of 35 pushups and 35 walking lunges
12:45 - 1 x 25
13:20 - 1 x 20
23:55 - 1 x 20

Although i stopped two days short, 1900 pushups and 1900 lunges is no joke.  Since I can't find my scale at the moment I'll have to pass on the body stats but it seems as though my chest is tighter and i have a greater capacity to do work.

I am not planning a 21-day challenge for the month of June as the g/f, puppy, and i need time to settle into our new space.

On the bright side, i already have a challenge lined up for July.