Routine - Introduction

For the next 21 days i will attempt to follow a predetermined routine.  The days have been flying by; i can't recall accomplishing or working toward anything significant.  My hope is that by structuring my days, i'll be able to stay focused and work toward my goals.

I've developed two "schedules," one for weekdays and the other for weekends.  I find that i'm more productive on workdays because it's already structured around the 9 -5. (or 8:45 - 5:15 in my case)  They're available as a google spreadsheet here. There are two tabs.

I will track how i spend my time each day.  It is hard to change a habit without proper data.  I'll do this the old fashioned way -- with a pen and paper, and upload the results the following morning.

I'm interested to see exactly where my time is being spent and how i might allow myself to continuously improve.