TED Talk a Day - Conclusion

I really enjoyed this challenge.  We ingested a broad range of topics in 21 TED Talks over the past 3 weeks.  Which was your favorite?

Below is mine.  I chose this video because it's a viable option and really has the potential to transform underprivileged neighborhoods.  Living in Cleveland, and even growing up in Warren, let me witness the realities of poverty and its' negative effect.

Food is fuel.  We are what we eat.  Healthy, pesticide-free food -- available at low or no cost -- needs to be readily available for anybody that chooses to take it.  In this country, there is no reason that people need to go to bed hungry at night; or that the only option is fast food and gas stations.

What i like best about this video is that Ron Finley offers solutions.  Let's watch again.