TED Talk a Day - Day 8: Our Natural Sleep Cycle by Jessa Gamble

Stumbled upon this little gem by Jessa Gamble titled Our Natural Sleep Cycle.  Here are my notes:
  • Life evolved under conditions of light and darkness
  • The Body Clock
  • When people are living without any sort of artificial light at all, they sleep twice every night.  They go to bed around 8pm until midnight and then again from about 2am until sunrise -- in between they have 2 hours of meditative quiet in bed.  During this time there is a surge of prolactin, the likes of which a modern day never sees.  The people in these studies report feeling so awake during the daytime that they realize they are experiencing true wakefulness for the first time in their lives.
  • Our modern ways of doing things have their advantages, but we should understand the costs
For such a short video, i had plenty of notes.  Check it out for yourself.