TED Talk a Day - Day 16: What I Discovered in New York City Trash by Robin Nagle

The following are my notes from Robin Nagle's TED Talk, What I Discovered in New York City Trash:

  • The campers who were too lazy to take out what they had brought in, who did they think would clean up after them?
  • The Department of sanitation in New York City collects 11,000 tons of trash and 2,000 tons of recyclables each day
  • Sanitation work is one of the ten most dangerous jobs in the country
  • Sanitation workers are the most important labor force on the streets
    • they are the first guardians of public health
    • the economy needs them - if we can’t throw out the old stuff, we have no room for the new stuff
    • the speed at which we are used to moving - we use items for the short-term and dispose of them
  • Municipal waste (household garbage) accounts for [just] 3% of the nation’s waste-stream

And the talk...