Notes & Quotes: Do You by Russell Simmons

Here are my favorite quotes from Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success by Russell Simmons.
  1. Your imagination is God itself. - Paramhansa Yoganandi
  2. Once you ruin your foundation, you can never build any higher.
  3. Be conscious about the choices you make with your money and always try to support the people who support you.
  4. Doubt, criticism, all noise. These are the sounds that slow us down.
  5. You dream about making money, or about the money you lost, instead of appreciating that you're rich this very second.
  6. The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive. - Thich Nhat Hanh
  7. There's a reason you have two ears and one mouth. Once you stop talking, you'll be able to start listening to your higher self.
  8. That's what a good life is all about: taking one of the skills God's blessed you with and actually acting it out.
  9. Live your life as if you're already where you want to be.
  10. Stalling is one of the worst things you can do to your dream.
  11. The dictionary is the only place success comes before work. - Vince Lombardi
  12. Instead of staring at the prize, stare at the process.
  13. ...worthless emotions like desire, resentment, apathy, pride, and envy (in yoga, known as the five Kleshas)
  14. When you put in a hard days work, you'll sleep like a baby. Not because you're physically worn down, but you're spiritually lifted up.
  15. Your happiness ultimately comes from the way you work, not where you work.
  16. ...ego stands for Edging God Out
  17. ...none of the truly good things in life have come from worrying.
  18. When you're working your hardest, the world opens up to you. When you aren't, your mind becomes cluttered and the world becomes closed.
  19. There's never only one way to react to a situation.
  20. Patanjali's 5 Yamas are: Ahimsa, or the abstention from harmful actions. Satya, or abstention from lying. Asteya, or the abstention from theft. Aparigraha, or the abstention from the attachment to possessions. Brahmacharya, or the abstention from gratuitous sexual activity.
  21. You don't have to listen to society. It's okay to look inside yourself and find an answer that's different from what society says.
  22. We need to stop worrying about who's bad and who's good and start worrying about ourselves...our struggle to realize the divine in ourselves is why we often have such a struggle seeing it in others.
  23. If you do good by the world, then the world will do good to you.
  24. By lifting up others, you lift up yourself.
  25. big as my house is, I've learned that I can only sit my ass in one chair at a time.
  26. ...the only purpose in life is giving back to the world.
  27. As a society, we were rightfully outraged when thousands of innocent people were killed in the 9/11 attacks...yet the equivalent of seven 9/11's takes place everyday from preventable deaths around the globe and we act like it isn't happening.
  28. We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness. - Thich Nhat Hanh
  29. You can't be a good leader unless you're a good servant first.
  30. Always check out new things for yourself before you judge them. Otherwise you're going to miss out on some incredible opportunity.
  31. When you study the various spiritual scriptures, you begin to realize that nearly every one is the same.
  32. It's more useful to bring people together than to divide.
  33. Today I shall judge nothing that occurs.
  34. You have to remember that Jesus wasn't a Christian, Muhammad wasn't a Muslim, Abraham wasn't a Jew, and the Buddha wasn't Buddhist...these great prophets didn't look to separate themselves...they were only interested in promoting ways to stay in union with God.
  35. The more people can empower, the more blessings you will generate for yourself.
  36. The successful people are the ones that listen to every opinion.
  37. If you see a truth that's being ignored you have have to stick up for it.
  38. You should always be looking at ways you can give, not ways you can take.
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