TED Talk a Day - Day 5: How to Separate Fact from Fiction Online by Markham Nolan

This one caught my eye; here are my notes:
  • Journalists are relying on finding materials from credible online stories to be the first to break news
  • How he verified the validity of the lightning strike, using free online tools:
    • Spokeo to look up her name (which happened to be her YouTube username)
    • Wolfram|Alpha to check the weather in her location that day
    • White Pages to find her phone number and address
    • Google Maps to get an aerial view of her house and to match it with clues in the video
    • Called her to verify that the video was legit
  • Truth is never binary.  Truth is a value.  Truth is emotional, it's fluid, and above all -- it's human.
Hope the notes were enough of a teaser to get you to check out the video!  Share your favorite parts in the comments.