NSA Giving - December 2013

Happy news!  I'm making money again so that means i can resume donating!  Since i didn't receive two full paychecks and i'm making less money in my new position, the amount i'm donating this month is only $78.  Here's where it went:

Blue Lace Project - $27 - A Kickstarter project designed to bring awareness that Americans want products that are produced domestically.  I know my donations are supposed to have "no strings attached" but i didn't back the project so i could get shoelaces.  I simply wanted to show my support.

Delta Sigma Phi: National - $26 - In celebration of Founder's Day on December 10th.

Delta Sigma Phi: Delta Omega - $25 - The chapter i was involved with at Cleveland State University where i made lifelong friends and had a wonderful experience.

I'm looking forward to another year of giving!