Drinking Only Water - Days 5 and 6

The weekend brought with it new challenges as i normally drink every weekend.  I'm used to waiting until about noon and then cracking a beer and watching football.  This weekend i had to crack the bottled water.  

The sparkling mineral water and the flavored varieties are nice changes of pace from drinking plain spring water.  I avoid tap water in most circumstances.

The headaches had subsided and they are no longer an issue.  I'm hypothesizing (guessing) that it was the lack of caffeine that was the cause.

Full disclosure:  i had a bowl of cereal last night and drank the rest of the milk.  GTFO if you think i'm wasting it.

Here's an unrelated photo from the Clemson v Wake Forest game, for your enjoyment.
the Ripening, drinking only water, Death Valley, Clemson Tigers