Drinking Only Water - Intro

For the next 21 day challenge, i will not drink anything but water.  That means no beer, coffee, soda, tea, kool aid, etc.  The only exception will be my morning protein shakes.

Drinking calories is senseless for the most part.  Most of the drinks we find on supermarket shelves are laden with high fructose corn syrup and offer little to no health benefits.

I labeled this challenge "body" for obvious reasons.  It also falls in the "debt/personal finance" category because i spend a lot of money on beverages, particularly alcohol. 

If my Mint.com calculations are accurate, i've spent $1020 on beer, wine, and spirits over the past twelve months.  That's $85 per month.  You can bet your ass i can find better uses for that money.  Over the course of this challenge, i'll save on average $60 by staying away from alcohol.  This doesn't even include other drinks on which i spend money.  

I'm interested to see how cutting out all the extra alcohol, caffeine, and high fructose corn syrup will make me feel.  Stay tuned!  The challenge begins on Monday.  

In the meantime, i think i'll have a beer.
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