Early to Rise - Day 19

Monday morning.  Back to the cube.  I woke up before the sun and snapped this photo.  It was raining so i couldn't put the phone down as i normally would.  It also made it darker than usual.  
the Ripening, early to rise, soul

I was able to make myself a healthy breakfast before venturing off to work.  If breakfast is the only thing i implement because of this challenge, i will consider it a success.

I saw an inspiring from video from Kai Greene that i'd like to share.  One of the comments that stuck out is when he said, "you don't have to be held hostage to the failures of yesterday."  One more quote i liked was, "it's not what the other man is going to do.  It's what you're going to do...TODAY!  A champion acts in the now."  Please enjoy: