Early to Rise - Day 17

Despite staying up later than usual last night, i was still able to drag myself out of bed this morning just before sunrise.  Here's the pic to prove it:

the Ripening, early to rise, soul

I was delighted to find that the Premier League kicked off today and the first game started at 7:30 am est.  Normally, the chances of me being up in time to watch the match would be slim-to-none.  

I decided to make a cup of coffee with some of my new toys:
the Ripening, coffee, chemex, kone, heart coffee roasters
Pictured is a Chemex coffeemaker, Kone filter, and coffee from Portland, Oregon's Heart Roasters.  These items were sent to me via Sean Bonner through a service called Quarterly.  Basically, you choose a contributor and once every 3 months you receive a box of stuff.  I subscribe to mailings from Tim Ferriss as well.

Although these purchases seem to go against the whole decluttering thing, i've found that the boxes are very well thought-out and the items are useful.  Sometimes you don't know what you need until you have it.

I'm looking forward to a productive remainder of the day.  Being awake and accomplishing things before other people get out of bed is a good feeling.  Although i shouldn't compare myself to others.