Early to Rise - Day 1

This morning i was able to wake up at 6:31, a full 8 minutes before the sun.  As promised i went outside and took a picture.  I realized there wasn't much to take a picture of as the sun had risen yet but here it is:

the Ripening, early to rise, soul, darkness before sunrise

I was able to meditate, write in my journal, and sweep the floors.  In hindsight, i should've just wrote this blog post instead of writing in the journal.  I'd also really like to start eating a meal before i leave.  I drink a protein shake immediately upon waking but i generally don't eat anything solid.  A protein shake and a real meal an hour later would be supreme.

I'd also like to exercise in the morning.  I've never been one to wake up and start exercising but i feel like it would do a lot of good.  I might have to start waking up even earlier but i'll have less to do after work so it balances itself out.

I'm looking forward to jumping out of bed before sunrise again tomorrow.