Smoke Free - Day 5

Drinking --> smoking.  Fuck, damn, shit, piss.  I'm going to end up smoking on more days of the "smoke free" challenge than not.  Sonofabitch.

Until my girlfriend made the light bulb go off.  She said, "now you're just going to have to start over again."  I replied, "yeah, that's fine."  She said, "fine for you maybe but not for me and the dog."

She's right.  Putting myself through hell is one thing but putting the people around me through hell is unacceptable.  It never really dawned on me how much it effects other people. (I'm cranky as hell when i don't smoke and every time i smoke again that clock starts over)  Supposedly the first 72 hours are the worst.  I've yet to go 72 hours straight.  I've only made it about 36 or so up to this point.

Maybe this realization will be the catalyst i need.  Stay tuned..