Early to Rise - Introduction

I've long wanted to start being an early riser.  For the next 21 days i will be one.  The goal is to wake before sunrise, even on the weekends.  Sunrise is at 6:39 on the day the challenge begins.

I'll go outside and take a picture each morning as i wake up and post them here.  Since i'll be up a half hour or more before i'd usually get out of bed, i'm looking forward to seeing how i utilize the extra time.  I have ideas of things that i might like to do such as working out, meditating, eating breakfast, walking the dog, journaling, etc. but i don't have a specific task in mind.

I've recently joined Lift.Do and i'll track my habits there.

Have any of you tried being an early riser?  Were you successful?  Please share any tips or tricks you might have!