No Vehicle - Day 9

I was able to experience my first night right tonight!  I met some friends for dinner and a drink (or two) and left around 9:15.  I was prepared with a headlamp and a flashing red light on my backpack.  I figured it would be best to wait until complete darkness as opposed to riding at dusk as my lights would be that much brighter at night.

I'll take a picture of my gear eventually but in the meantime here's this:

That would be my thigh.  This challenge hasn't come without a learning curve (or three).

I have clip-in pedals, which i'll cover in the "gear" post but basically my cleats attach to my pedals.  It allows me to "pull" up on the pedals whereas typically you can only "push" down on the pedals.  This allows me to do more work with the same amount of effort.  It also means my feet are attached to my pedals and that's not always a good thing when you start to fall.

It's a small price that i'm willing to pay.