No Vehicle - Day 19

There was nothing out of the ordinary about yesterday so I'll skip that post.  I rode to work and back twice, as usual, equaling about 7.5 miles.

Today was the last day i was committed to riding to work and guess what?  I awoke to soaking wet roads.  Thanks for this one final test universe!

Anyways, i wanted to share with you the biking gear i purchased that made this challenge a little more bearable and easy to manage.

Shown in the first picture is the bike, a rain jacket, backpack with bicycle light, cleats, gloves, and a helmet.

Here's a shot of the pedals:

The metal piece on the cleats clips into the pedals:

So that's some of the gear that helped me with the challenge.  By no means did i NEED any of it (aside from the bike and the helmet) but they were all good purchases that i will continue to use.