No Vehicle - Intro

I'm going 21 days without a vehicle!  I'm expecting this challenge to be the most difficult one yet as i've never done anything like this.

I've been riding my bike a little bit in preparation for the challenge.  I took it to the bike shop for a tune up and spent a couple dollars on Amazon on some gear.  I bought a helmet, shorts, gloves, rain jacket, a rear light, and a bike lock.

I figure if i start riding my bike even somewhat regularly, i will recoup those costs by way of using less gasoline and better health.

The ride to work is only 2 miles one-way but the journey there is quite a climb.  I come home for lunch, so i will be forced to tackle that hill twice per day unless i chose to take public transit.

Public transit and hitching rides is acceptable, i just won't be driving.  

The fun begins tomorrow!