750 Words - Day 20

So i'm up and at 'em pretty early for a Saturday morning.  It's just before 8 am as i sit down to start typing.  I was asleep by 8:30 pm last night so i got plenty of sleep.  Who goes to bed at 8:30 on a Friday night?  This guy, i guess.  I'm not mad about it.  I'm not a 21 year old college student out on the prowl for some pussy anymore.  I never really liked the whole club scene anyways.  I'd much rather be in a different environment with a few good people than a club full of drunk people.  

Also, i've witnessed what you ladies go through on a day-to-day basis.  "Hey, shawty let me holla at chu!"  I vowed to never be one of those guys.  

That mindset might have caused me to miss a few opportunities here or there, but it is what it is.  I'm happy where i'm at right now.  The gf, puppy, and I have a nice, happy home together.  Everything worked out as it was supposed to, i presume.

I'm looking forward to this weekend and i have plenty on my plate.  I try and create a little task list for myself each day, especially on the weekends.  Most of the time I complete around 75% of what's on the list.  That's good enough to consider it a success.  I find that it helps keep me on task.  If i find myself bored i just check the list and get started on something.  

I've spoken a lot about how i want to use the hours of the weekends to their fullest potential.  I have been doing an "okay" job at it but i also need to step it up.  More adventures!  It's supposed to be cold outside this weekend so i don't plan on doing anything outside. I would like to drop off some clothes to donate, so if it gets warm enough i'll ride my bike.  It's only a couple miles and would probably take a half hour round trip.  I'm looking forward to using my bicycle a lot more this year.  I even have thoughts of doing a 21 day no-car challenge.  My gf thought that that meant that i'd be mooching rides off of her for three weeks, but that won't be the case.  My plan is to not even ride in a car and use nothing by man-power for transportation.  If i do decide to move forward with this challenge, it won't be until the spring when it starts to get warmer.  I'll also have to do it before baseball season because we play far away.  Since it's only three weeks i think i should be able to squeeze it in there somewhere.

I feel like this post is a lot more lighthearted than usual.  Could the reason be that it's because i'm not rushing to go to work?  Perhaps.  I dread going to work.  I usually have to "pump myself up" in one way or another.  Do any of you experience this?  

Yesterday i posted a T-Nation article on my buddies wall about needing to know your purpose.  He asked me if i knew my purpose.  I replied that i hadn't.  Once i do, though, i feel like every aspect of my life will flow more freely.  Although i posted it in our physical fitness G+ group, i can easily see how it could translate.  He has two kids, so for him, they are his purpose.  He wants to be healthy and fit for his children.  Another friend of mine said he has recently found his purpose and his life seems to be a lot less hectic for him as well.  

So what is my purpose?  Some people say it'll be the first thing that comes to mind while other people say to keep writing until something makes you cry.   That's your purpose.  Perhaps i'll do a little digging this weekend to find out.  

Actually, though, when i was watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, there was a moment when a female guest put a piece of sushi in her mouth and kind of like melted.  I don't know how to describe it but you could tell that it was probably the tastiest piece of sushi she'd ever created.  Her reaction was stunningly beautiful and i started to cry.  I realized that i wanted to have that kind of profound impact on others lives.  So i guess that's my purpose.  To give people that "ahhhhhhhh" feeling.  That feeling of bliss.  Now i just have to figure out HOW.