750 Words - Day 1

Today begins my 21 day challenge of writing at least 750 words per day.  My goal is to simply type until i reach the 750 word limit and then upload the results to the blog.   As i mentioned before, i'm using the website 750words.com to keep track each day.  They also provide you with some stats at the end which i think is pretty cool.  My idea is that i'll write upon waking each day and then upload the results each evening.  

So far this morning, i woke, used the restroom, chugged a hemp protein shake and now i'm here writing.  

This is actually the 7th day in a row i've attempted to write the 750 words.  I started on January 1st, 2013 and i wanted to have a couple days under my belt before jumping into the challenge.  Build up a little momentum and make sure it's really something i wanted to dedicate the next three weeks toward.

Although 750 words is a good goal, i often find myself adding adjectives and "undoing" contractions so that it counts for 2 words instead of just one.  I'm sure that is not the purpose of this site but if i write 650 and cheat a little bit to get an extra hundred i really do not see much of an issue with that.

Switching gears.  I spent most of the weekend reading and straightening up around the house.  I'd say i spent the time pretty wisely.  In the past, the weekends would consist primarily of me doing whatever it took to forget about the workweek and escape.  I'd accomplish little to nothing and then i'd find myself back in the cubicle on Monday morning like, "fuck, where'd the weekend go and how am i already back here?"

I'm going to try and put an end to that this year.  During the workweek, i have little time/energy/desire to do much outside of work.  If you put it all together, my work day is a typical 8:30 - 5:30.  I get one hour of unpaid lunch.  It takes me basically a half hour to get ready in the morning and to commute and another 15 minutes to get back home at the end of the day.  Roughly, this extends the workday from about 8 am until 6 pm.  Well, I wake up at 7 and go to bed around 10.  That basically leaves me 5 hours per day for everything else (including cooking and eating which takes up at least another hour.)  Not a ton of time left, eh?  

Oh, but on the weekends?  An open schedule.  Basically the only requirements in the 2 days are about 16 hours of sleep and a couple hours to cook and eat.  The rest is for me to decide what to do with.  It sucks knowing how much time we waste during the week, but it is empowering to know we have so many hours on the weekends in which to pursue our desires.  

Anyways, i set out a few goals or tasks to complete this weekend and i'm happy to report i met all but one.  I recently purchased Tim Ferriss' The Four Hour Life video course through CreativeLive.com.  I watched some of the segments live, but i want to go back and rewatch all the segments and take notes for myself.

I also started following the lessons in his 4-Hour Chef.  The first lesson was braised lamb shanks with carrots and tomatoes.  I'm not a huge lamb fan so this meal wasn't a favorite.  However, the meal seemingly came out as planned.  I've been cooking for myself for over 5 years now so i'm not completely lost in the kitchen.  I'd just like to further develop some of my skills.

I guess you can say i'm slightly obsessed with Tim Ferriss.  I even signed up to receive a mystery box of Tim's choosing once per quarter through the site Quarterly.co.  You pick a contributor, and once per quarter you are shipped a box filled with goodies chosen by the contributor.  Tim's boxes are $100 per quarter.  Most of the contributors are around $25 but i think the extra money will lend itself to some cool shit and less junk.  (I'm hoping, anyways.  The first box doesn't ship until mid-March of this year)  It's a cool concept and i'm looking forward to seeing what Tim comes up with.

Then usually at the end i type a random ass sentence so that i am able to reach the 750 word limit.  Until tomorrow!

Here's a couple of screenshots of the stats:
the Ripening, 750 Words, Statisticsthe Ripening, 750 Words, Statistics
 (Those times are Pacific but I'm in EST.  I don't wake up that early)