Food Journal - Day 8

Beginning of week two!  I woke at 7:15.  Here's today's consumption:

7:20 am - one serving hemp protein powder in water
the ripening, food journal, hemp protein

10:30 am - apple
the ripening, food journal, apple

1:30 pm - salmon filet. multivitamin. (no fish oil because i ate fish)
the ripening, food journal, salmonthe ripening, food journal, multivitamin

7:15 pm - chicken breast on a bed of black beans, topped with salsa and sour cream/lime juice mixture.
the ripening, food journal, chicken breast, black beans, salsa, sour cream, lime juice
9:00 pm - dark chocolate
the ripening, food journal, dark chocolate

Before bed - ZMA

    Water: 84 oz
    Coffee: 16 oz
    Wine: 5 oz

Skipped the snack between lunch and dinner again.  Forgot to take a snack to work.  I had the almonds in my desk last week, which i why i was eating them so frequently.  Need to find another snack to take for this week.  I find that eating the snack, even if it is a few almonds, makes me less hungry at dinner time.  When i miss the snack i tend to overeat.