Conscious Investing

Perhaps this post was better suited before the madness of Black Friday...

When i started paying attention to where my money was going, one of the areas i became interested in was investing.

My employer offers enrollment in a Simple IRA plan through Charles Schwab, of which i'm a participant.  Before the conscious spending thing, i owned a couple of different mutual funds.  When i looked at the top ten holdings of these funds, i wasn't excited about the companies that appeared.

I decided to look for funds that invested in areas i believed in, which was no easy task.  Even some funds that say they are "responsible" funds still invest in some companies that i find to be questionable.

I'm no professional, and these mutual funds might be terrible investments, but i own shares in both the Appleseed Fund and the Pax World Fund.  I also purchase stock of some individual companies that i like.  Although hand-picking companies to invest in is generally frowned upon for novice investors like myself, at least i know where my money is going and what that money is being used to support.

Takeaway:  If you are concerned about where how your money is being spent, don't forget to think about ALL of your money, including investments.