Physical Fitness - Intro

My relationship with fitness has been love/hate.  I ebb and flow.  I'm fit, then i'm fat, then i'm fit again, then i'm fat again.  You get the idea.  Maybe it's a comfort thing.  I get to a level where i become comfortable, then i let the fitness slip.  Before i realize it, i'm doughy.  The opposite is true as well.  Starting one thing leads me to improve of other areas of my life as well.

I recently purchased two 35# kettlebells, which made me want to use them.  Upon receiving those in the mail i decided that i wanted supplements.

I bought an organic men's multivitamin, organic fish oil capsules, organic hemp protein powder, and ZMA capsules.  Purchased via Amazon's subscription program, these items will be automatically billed/delivered as needed. 

Because there are certain diet requirements surrounding these products, my diet will have to improve as well.  Two examples, you shouldn't take the multi on an empty stomach so I'll have to eat breakfast.  The ZMA should be taken on an empty stomach so that means no eating right before bed.   

Kettlebells --> Supplements --> Proper Diet

With that said, I'm embarking on a 21 day quest for physical fitness.  Although it's a lifestyle and not a 21 day sprint, i'm hoping this challenge will reignite the fitness enthusiast within.  

My workout plan focuses on strength, flexibility, and cardio.  I'll do weight training on day one, flexibility on day two, cardio on day three, rest on day four, and repeat.  The idea is to do this on an ongoing basis but i'm committing to 21 days straight.